Kristy Dial

Gourds – You love ’em or leave ’em. Just about everyone I have met who has dabbled in the gourd world, just “love ’em”. It is the one, if not the only, art form that is “addicting”.  My “addiction” started about eight years ago and recently became a full-time addiction.
I co-founded the Nevada Gourd society. Our “patch” is based in Carson City, NV.

About the time I became interested in gourds, my family and I started taking vacations in the southwest. I never realized how much I loved the desert and the Native American Indian Culture until we started visiting a number of petroglyph sites. At last, everything began to fall into place – gourds and petroglyphs, petroglyphs and gourds…a terrific match.

From the beginning, I have believed the gourd should be honored. Just holding a gourd and feeling it’s smooth texture is very calming. There is something peaceful, yet powerful about the everlasting nature of the gourd. It is truly a gift from nature.

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