Irene Taylor

I have a fine arts degree from San Jose State University and have also trained at the Cleveland Institute of Arts, Cooper School of Art, Cleveland, Ohio, and Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. While in Sonora, CA I studied with several successful local artists and was a long-standing member of the Mother Lode Art Assoc. and Tuolumne County Arts Alliance. In June 2015 my husband and I relocated to Gardnerville, NV and I am now an active member of the Carson Valley Arts Council and the Nevada Arts Association.

For over 40 years, my professional career was as a graphic designer. I worked for advertising agencies, marketing/pr firms, corporate creative departments, and colleges. I also ran my own graphic design business for many years. My passion in producing art is not to emulate what I see but to put into color and feeling what I experience. My best work comes when I have experienced a scene or flowers, study it with color, composition in mind, and joy of the heart, and then photograph for further reference. I love the process of paint to paper and use the full range of color and light.