Kent LeFevre

My goal as an artist is to imbue into each image the emotion that I felt when I was there and ensure that the quality of light that was experienced in the field is represented in the finished piece. Artist’ don’t talk much about the quality of light, however, the quality of light is critical to the success of each image.

Some thirty five years ago, I made my first homemade camera. It consisted of a cardboard box, painted black and furnished with a pin hole. The images on this site, however, start with a high density digital image.

The artistic image begins in my mind’s eye long before the shutter is released. Before I take to the field, I consider the quality of available natural light, the time of day that will yield the greatest opportunity for success and also the season of the year. The “art” of photography requires the patience to wait for the right moment, and to recognize that moment when it comes. I paint with light.