Anastassia Manoussova

Anastassia Manoussova was born and raised in Moscow, Russia.  She graduated from the prestigious Teachers University of Moscow with an MD in Fine Art Education.  After graduating she taught art classes at the After School Program Center in Moscow. Later she accepted the position of Curator of Art Materials at the Musical Museum of Moscow. While she held this position, she was traveling with exhibitions to many cities representing the museum’s collection both creating and marketing the shows productions. During this time, Anastassia became an accomplished artist successfully selling her work throughout Europe. When
she moved to California in 2002, she continued painting while teaching arts and crafts at
local schools.

Three years ago she moved to Carson City, Nevada, where she enjoys painting scenery from around our beautiful state. Anastassia’s subject matter may be contemporary, still life or landscapes. Her use of oil, acrylic, watercolors, or drawing shows a deep understanding of the classic arts and styles so ingrained in her from her many years of education and experience. Her artistic ability contains a fresh impressionistic approach, while at the same time a deep knowledge-based understanding of structure and forms of nature. Her works start a conversation about the beautiful and vibrant world surrounding us.

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